Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions of Business and Delivery 

1. Right to Exchange or Refund 

You can return all goods within 14 days of receipt without explaining your reason and without limitation or cost. If you make use of your right to exchange or return goods within 14 days of receipt, the purchase contract becomes void. 
In the case of the return of goods the contract becomes void and monies already paid are returned after the goods delivered have been sent back. 
If the goods returned show signs of having been used, or if they have been damaged, we retain the right to demand compensation. 
Possible printing errors and price alterations excepted. 
2. Transport damage 

The sender accepts the transport risk. 
3. Carriage Costs 
Australia: We distribute all parcels in Australia via registered mail with Australia Post. A signature is required from the receiver. Please allow 3- 5 days delivery time.  
Postage fees: $14.00 
The costs incurred for post/freight and packaging are covered only in part by the above, PM-International covers the rest. 

*Higher shipping costs in NZ are compensated by removal of taxes equating to 10%. NZ orders will be shipped monthly. 
4. Right to supply reserved 
We deliver as long as stocks last. 
5. Reservation of Proprietary rights 
The goods remain the property of PM-International AG until they have been fully paid for. 
6. Payment, date due, delayed Payment 
Payment for goods may be rendered with an accepted credit card. 
Payment by sending cash is, unfortunately, not possible. We exclude all liability in the case of loss. Only pick up orders can be paid by cash. 
Payment is due when goods are sent out. 
If your payment is delayed, we reserve the right to invoice you with fees for this. 
7. Internet Guidelines 
The use of Internet addresses (domain names) for your personal pages or linking to PM’s official websites shall be regulated as follows: 
The use of trademarks is permitted only in combination with an addition, i.e. additional words must be used in conjunction with the trademarked name(s) (FitLine-Page.com, FitLine-shop.com, fitline-nutrition.net, peters-activize-page.de etc.) 
Trademarks may not be used as their own domain names(such as, for example, Activize.de, Activize.com, Activize.name, Activize.net, etc.). 
The use of the PM-International trademarks in word or picture apart from these banners is not permitted. 
For the selling of PM products via the Internet, our Shop is available to you as part of the PM E-Business. Selling and advertising by using the trade names (in word or picture) apart from these sites is not permitted anywhere; this includes Ebay or similar platforms. 
It is permissible to open the official PM pages in frames of your own as long as no links or descriptions of competitors' sites or competitors' products are found on the same page whether in the same or another frame.